Woollens from Yan Tyan Tethera
woollens skincare and bags from yan tyan tethera

Yan Tyan Tethera make pure wool ganseys and delicate lace knits, linen and cotton fisherman's smocks using traditional patterns. Beeswax candles, creams, tonics and lip salves are handmade in small batches using time-honoured recipes, simple methods and in-depth understanding of raw materials.

Established by Frances Godley in 1978, wools used are from named breeds selected for their colours, fibre length or texture and many are now certified organic.

Frances is a long-standing member of the Teme Valley Farmer's Market, a collection of artisan makers established in 1988. YTT takes part each 2nd Sunday of the month at Knightwick,Worcestershire.